What is Go Do?

Go Do is a collection of exciting and unique businesses that fulfill regional needs and fuel excitement and curiosity in us all. From brewing manufacturing facilities, to creative office spaces, to golf and leisure, to competitive amateur sports facilities, and the embrace of nature, Central Park will grow up to be the preeminent place in the Central Ohio region to recreate, create, learn, discover, and grow. 

What is the purpose?

  • Create something unique with reclaimed land and conservation areas
  • Develop opportunities to serve existing--and unsatisfied--regional demand for recreational,                             entertainment, and active uses
  • Distance from the traditional office and industrial park model
  • Create an identity by targeting complementary users that feed each other's operations

Does central park have a "muse"?

Why yes, certainly! We have had the privilege to watch the Arena District and Easton grow up, and are seeing the regional impacts of those two developments. 

  • Arena District grew out of the ashes of the Ohio Penitentiary and developed around Nationwide Arena, the beautiful home of the Columbus Blue Jackets. The Arena District became, and continues to become, the epicenter for regional offices, major league athletics, urban living, and the first true downtown lifestyle neighborhood since the advent of the automobile. The development brought Columbus a way of life and a mix of entertainment and pride that we had not before, nor could most of us previously envision as possible. Today, the Arena District is where many visitors stay, and visit, right off the airplane.
  • Steiner + Associates' Easton Town Center is a 1.7 million-square-foot mixed-use shopping center that is often credited with defining and inspiring a generation of retail and mixed use development. The core of Easton Town Center--the mall--remains one of the top 30 performing malls in the country. Easton Town Center has driven traffic into a previously under-developed region, and periphery development has reflected the initial infusion of investment with the development of the mall. Visitors come from all over the region to spend the day shopping and dining, and many who fly into Columbus ensure they take a visit.

We are dedicated to the concept of becoming a center for entertainment, professional, and recreational activity in Central Ohio. Where the Arena District drives people to Go See and Go Live and Easton Town Center compels people to Go Shop, Central Park of Gahanna will become the place to Go Do in Central Ohio.

What could this look like in five years?

Thanks for asking! We have an idea!....

We flew in from Colorado springs with our child for their indoor national soccer tournament. Luckily, Central Park is only a five minute drive from the airport, and we're staying there, as well! After we drop our child off at practice, I'm going to go take golf lessons at The Golf Depot while my husband visits the taproom at the brewery across the street--one of his favorite breweries, in fact, and he's surprised they have a second manufacturing facility in Central Ohio. After returning to the hotel after a long day, my husband and I meet a former colleague at the volleyball bar just a short walk down the walking paths from our hotel. As for our colleague, he's walking from the other direction, where his new office headquarters are located.


Are we crazy?

No... well maybe a little. But we sure are energetic!