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States like Ohio and Indiana are attracting people and jobs away from the most cash-strapped states. As a result, the Central US states are leading all US states in GDP growth. Over the next 20 years, this is the region of the country where businesses will invest the most.
— Meredith Whitney, author of Fate of the States

Brewer's Pointe is a multi-site campus dedicated to the brewing industry. Developed in response to the water concerns in California, the site is extremely well positioned for the water and logistics intense industry. The initiative is promoted by Columbus 2020 when breweries consider moving to the Midwest and East Coast, and the City of Gahanna is prepared for over 200,000 gallons per day at Brewer's Pointe.

There are three goals of this initiative:

  1. Secure a brewery looking to open another brewing manufacturing location
  2. Establish a contract brewing facility in Central Ohio for the healthy, but resource-limited, Ohio craft brewers
  3. Attract brewing support industries to headquarter in the development area, making Central Ohio a core location for brewing services, equipment manufacturing, and raw material distribution

Click the image to be redirected to the PurposeEnergy Website

Click the image to be redirected to the PurposeEnergy Website

Brewer's Pointe has teamed up with PurposeEnergy to design a comprehensive biodigestion system to serve your brewery. PurposeEnergy has worked with various breweries across the country, including Magic Hat and Dogfish Head. 

The planned system will be very unique. The Golf Depot, a golf course adjacent to Brewer's Pointe, was developed as a landfill clean-up and remediation project in 2007. The volumes of methane from the landfill will be coupled with the methane generated from the biodigestion of brewery wastewater, powering approximately 50% of power needs for a production brewery. Other food and beverage manufacturers in the immediate vicinity have expressed interest in adding their wastewater to the system as well, thus increasing power production for Brewer's Pointe. Additionally, the wastewater will convert to a safe discharge water, which can be used at the Golf Depot, or treated further to be recycled into the brewing process. This process will result in zero-discharge of high-BOD wastewater into the wastewater treatment system.

Brewer's Pointe is THE sustainable site for production brewing.  Please contact PurposeEnergy with any questions regarding our project plans.


Brewer’s Pointe is engaged with the industry as a whole and would be the perfect partner
— Mark Bivenour, The Brew Kettle, Strongsville Ohio
Their ability to shepherd your business through regulatory, finance, and investment needs is unpreedented
— Gavin Meyers, North High Brewing Company, Columbus Ohio