Central Park of Gahanna began as a brownfield remediation project. Value Recovery Group, a Columbus, Ohio based company, led the well-publicized remediation efforts of the Bedford II brownfield alongside the City of Gahanna, the Central Ohio Community Improvement Corporation, Franklin County, and the State of Ohio. Upon the remediation and capping of the landfill, Value Recovery Group established the Golf Depot on the brownfield site. The City of Gahanna secured significant wooded acreage to the north of the Bedford II project to preserve as a conservation zone, and constructed a network of walking and biking paths to snap into the regional pathway framework.

Value Recovery moved further to acquire more than 60 adjacent acres of clean and developable land in the immediate vicinity of the Golf Depot in order to create Central Park of Gahanna. Finally, Value Recovery Group and the City of Gahanna have partnered to introduce new roadway and streetscape infrastructure, and plan to establish more roadway connections and roadway enhancements in the near future. To this point, efforts have created $52 million of economic value in the Airport Region.

What was once a largely-vacant commercial district has become viable for development. Value Recovery Group has been patient to identify the "right fit" users for Central Park in order to create a district that is appropriate for the Airport Region and the entire Central Ohio region.